VIDEO: Princess V39 to Russia – Part 4

After reaching their goal of St Petersburg, John and his crew head to Finland's Archipelago Sea for a spot of well-earned rest and relaxation

With a new crew of Eddie Rourke and Elliott Harrison joining us for the next stage of our Baltic adventure we fly back to Helsinki to catch up with my boat. But where is it?

When booking the taxi to take us from the marina to the airport at 4am a month ago, the lady in the marina office stressed to the taxi company that it was the marina by the casino. The taxi found us easily enough so I paid little attention to our route through the dark city streets, dozing most of the way.

Unfortunately, this time around the driver, whose taxi we have the misfortune of getting into at the airport, isn’t quite so well acquainted with the city and delivers us to the central casino, with no marina in sight.

It transpires that there are six casinos in Helsinki, that the city’s island-studded shoreline is around 100km long and home to countless moorings, marinas and anchorages. I have no idea which one we are in.

After the taxi meter tops €100 we eventually find Cecienne – alongside a casino, yes, but one that isn’t yet open for business. I’ve managed to get my boat all the way from Falmouth to Russia only to lose her in Finland!

Read the full article in the June 2019 edition of MBY.


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