VIDEO: Mallorca to the UK in a Princess V39 – Part two

A quick hop to Morocco seems too good to miss from the checkpoint of Gibraltar, homeward bound in a Princess V39

In the second of our three-part series on John Boyle’s delivery trip from Mallorca to the UK on his Princess V39, he and Cecienne take on the passage from Cartagena to Morocco.

A stunning Med sunrise quickly dissolved into thick fog, which necessitates a stop in Almerimar before John and his crew continue to the major checkpoint that is Gibraltar.

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From here, a trip to Morocco and a visit to another continent is too much to resist so the team diverts to Smir to get a taste of African boating.

“One of my enduring memories of the trip is having a camel tethered to the boat,” says John, “It doesn’t happen often back in Falmouth marina.”

Read the full trip report in the November 2015 issue of MBY.