VIDEO: John Boyle crosses hazardous waters in the Outer Hebrides

The latest instalment of Celtic Crusade sees John Boyle run into some trouble in the treacherous waters off the west coast of South Uist

Cruising the Outer Hebrides in a motorboat is not without its perils, as John Boyle finds out in our latest Celtic Crusade video.

Our intrepid explorer and his cameraman Fionn (pictured above) make landfall on Lochboisdale and freshen up before heading north.

With clear skies and glassy waters all seems well off the western coast of South Uist, but it’s not the weather that catches them out.

Shark Bay, John’s Sealine S34, runs over a floating line that was drifting just below the surface more than 50 yards from its mooring buoy.

Fortunately the props don’t get tangled and there is no need to cut the boat free, but John warns against complacency when cruising through this “minefield” of stray nets and creels.

To read more of John’s cruising adventures, pick up the September edition of MBM, out 21 August.

UPDATE: The final six episodes of Celtic Crusade have been uploaded to our YouTube channel.